Trail and Error

During his time at University DODDZ went by a different secret alias that of 'PROPIG' and he made quite the impact in the Stoke-on-Trent area. 

He was been featured on Sky News, BBC and many other local and national news providers. BBC Radio Stoke even spent a week trying to find out who he was. The reaction from the community was one of great positivity as he received fan art from local school children and some older locals got ProPig tattoos.

As a result of all this the Stoke-on-Trent Council have turned some of his urban art into an art trail entitled Trail and Error.

The trail opened in June 2016 with a number of temporary exhibitions along the trail and a short film entitled Trail and Error: The Movie played at his old University (Click here to watch the film). The trail is about 45 minutes long and a map can be dowloaded in the link below.


How to fold your map.

Download your map here

1. Place down on table map side up with Hanley to your left and Stoke to the right. Fold the bottom left corner in.

2. Turn map over and turn 90 degrees clockwise. Take top left corner and fold down.

3. Pick map up and fold in half to create your flyer.